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Congratulations and welcome to the world of property investment!


If you are a first time investor, you may be think how am I able to be a property investor or if you are building your property portfolio, there are time where you may scratch your head and think whether you are getting the maximum benefit out of your investment.


Whether you are a first time investor or building up your property portfolio, it is important to know whether you can borrow money to buy an investment property.


It creates wealth


Historically real estate has appreciated its value over the years. Your tenants are paying your mortgage and there are other benefits attached for an investment property which creates your wealth.  


Tax benefits


Yes. There is a big hoo-ha about negative gearing. As we speak, negative gearing is still here and it will give you great tax benefits.


Control is on your hands


You have complete control over your investment property. You decide which property to buy, who to rent it to and when to sell.


Next step – get a pre approval


Call us on 1300 87 57 18 to organise a time to meet you in person. We will discuss your current financial situation and future plans. Then we will advise you a strategy to achieve your goals and recommend you a home loan structure and find you a loan product that suits your circumstances.


Our service to you is FREE*, this is because the lender pays us a commission for introduction of your business. So, why not get a second opinion from an expert.


Don’t want to call? Please submit your enquiry. We will call you as soon as we can.





*Terms and conditions apply.

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